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Hire an Intern

Support a motivated student’s career development and be a role model for the next generation.  

As an Internship Partner, you will:

  • Meet with Futures and Options to discuss potential internship opportunities at your organization 
  • Draft a job description for the internship role—if you need our input, we will work with you!
  • Identify an intern supervisor to serve as the main point of contact at your site
  • Interview candidates arranged by Futures and Options–our students are enthusiastic, talented youth who are excited to work in your sector 
  • Support and mentor your intern during their internship (hours and schedule will vary depending on the time of year). At the internship’s conclusion, evaluate and celebrate your intern’s accomplishments
  • Stay connected to a pipeline and network of young professionals and business partners 

As an Organization, we will:

  • Provide orientation and training for all supervisors, introduce you to your program coordinator from Futures and Options, and manage scheduling and payroll 
  • Introduce you to qualified, capable candidates who are excited to work in your industry and who have been individually selected by our team 
  • Provide ongoing support, coaching and skills-trainings for interns in your program
  • Communicate regularly with you to hear how things are going and ensure that we are supporting you and your intern 
  • Listen to your feedback at the end of the internship so that we can use it to improve our work and enhance our partners’ experience
  • Assist you in designing remote and hybrid internship experiences that are meaningful for you and your team, as well as your intern (please refer to our one-pager, Best Practices for Supporting Youth in the New World of Work, for more details)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are the students in the internship program?
A: Futures and Options interns are primarily New York City junior and senior high school students. 

Q: When do the internships take place?
A: The majority of our interns work during the summer, but many are available during the school year. Contact us with your hiring needs! 

Q: How much do interns earn and who pays them? 
A: Interns earn at least $15/hr. Futures and Options works individually with each employer to arrange the most appropriate payment method. 

Q: How many hours per week do interns work?
At least 5-15 hours per week during the school year, or at least 20-30 hours per week during the summer. 

Q: What if my company cannot afford to pay an intern–can we still participate? 
Yes! There may be subsidized options available. Please contact us for more information about our subsidized program. 

Q: What kind of support does Futures and Options provide to employers ? 
We pride ourselves on our comprehensive, supportive approach to the  internship program. Our team: individually selects and approves all participating interns; provides thorough support throughout the on-boarding process; checks in  regularly with supervisors and interns; conducts site visits and evaluations; and offers supervisor training and shared resources. We value employers as members of our team in the mission of educating and mentoring New York City youth. 

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To learn more about the program or hire an intern, contact our Program Manager, Employer Partnerships, Jean Bucaria at or call (212) 601-0002.

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